Hilton Milan accent wall

The accent wall behind the reception is a custom made feature to enhance the sense of arrival and maximise the guest experience.

Milan is quintessentially elegant, stylish, sometimes quirky, modern but ultimately classic.  A truly contemporary city, home to the world of fashion, arts, design, and architecture, it’s like no other place in the World.  The residents of Milan have a deep understanding of their own history and culture that is not just distinctly Italian, but ultimately Milanese. ‘Quintessentially Milano’ style means; furniture, lighting and finishes are luxurious, generous, comfortable and quintessentially Italian at heart.  Effortlessly cool, young, and honest. A home from home for the guest, with a sense of style that is authentically Milanese.  Elegant, but surprising at times, classic yet truly modern, the interiors speak a local language recognized by all the World.

The artwork won Best Product in the SBID International Design Awards for the Vintage Metal finish, specified and design by THDP for the rear wall of the reception at the Hilton Milan Hotel